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It's not too late to Own Your Health! We are halfway through our 9Health Fair fall season! Find A Fair in your neighborhood today! 
October 15, 2019
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Have You Attended Your 9Health Fair Yet? 
The fall 9Health Fair season is still going strong! If you haven't made it to a 9Health Fair, now is a perfect chance to get your free flu shot/flu voucher, affordable and free health screenings. 
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Health Insurance 101
Premium, deductible, copay, out of pocket maximum, there are a lot of terms to know when it comes to health insurance and it can be confusing! 9Health partnered with Connect for Health Colorado to cover all things health insurance so you’re prepared when open enrollment comes along in November.
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Medicare 101
Millions of Americans rely on Medicare to cover their healthcare needs. Understanding the various parts of Medicare and its supplements can be tough so we recently talked with a Medicare agent on Health Happens, our weekly Facebook Live show, to clear up how Medicare works.
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Staying Covered As The Seasons Change 
Which health insurance plan is right for you? Open enrollment starts November 1st. We talked with Connect for Health Colorado about shopping for insurance and the resources available to make that process easier.
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Do You Have Neck & Back Pain?
Neck and back pain is a common issue for people, so it's important to know the treatments that work for you! Last month, 9Health talked to Ken Cohen, MD, FACP and Chief Medical Officer at New West Physicians about a variety of methods and activities to help manage neck and back pain. 
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month - One Woman's Journey
"I want people to know that we all get diagnoses or have things that happen to us throughout life that are horrible. However, we can use the diagnosis to reexamine our health, or life, and decide how we want to move forward,” Dr. Michelle Tollefson is choosing to share her journey with breast cancer with 9Health to create awareness and emphasize the importance of regular breast screenings.
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Mental Well-Being After Breast Cancer Diagnosis
A new breast cancer diagnosis brings physical challenges but can also take a toll on a patient's mental health. We talked with counseling psychologists from the University of Denver Morgridge College of Education about the importance of checking in with your mental health after a breast cancer diagnosis.    
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Are You Ready To Make A Difference? 
9Health is proud to be a part of Community Health Charities and the Combined Federal Campaign. Your workplace will soon be having events or giving their workforce an opportunity to select charities through payroll deduction. 9Health has been a 501c3 for 40 years and we would appreciate your support.  A monthly payroll deduction is an easy way to show your support of 9Health all year long. 
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Upcoming 9Health Fairs
The fall 9Health Fair season will continue through November and we want to share with you the next round of 9Health Fairs! For a complete list of 2019 fall 9Health Fairs visit Find A Fair today! For more information, click on any of the upcoming 9Health Fairs:
Saturday, October 19th
Saturday, October 26th
Sunday, October 27th
Saturday, November 2nd
Saturday, November 9th
Saturday, November 16th
Saturday, November 23rd 
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Become A Sponsor
9Health is a 501c-3 community non-profit, empowering people to put health in their own hands by providing tools such as preventive health screenings, evidence-based, objective health education and eTools and resources for every day in your health journey. To support their work, go to www.9healthfair.org/sponsors/support/


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