Blood Type


What is a blood type test?

Early research shows, certain blood types may be associated with a higher risk of severe COVID-19. This test shows what type of blood you have. Your blood type is handed down to you from your parents and it does not change throughout your life. There are four major blood types – A, B, AB, and O. The test will also tell you your Rh Factor which is an inherited protein found on your red blood cells, it will either be positive (+) or negative (-).


Why is blood type important?

It is important so you can safely receive blood transfusions or a transplant. For a blood transfusion, the donated blood must not have antibodies that are against your red blood cells. It is based on your blood type and other testing (cross-matching) to ensure it is compatible. Organ donations are based primarily on blood type. Rh type is important during pregnancy.


Who may want to have this test done?

Many people are curious about what blood type they have. Your blood type will never change throughout your lifetime, so you only need to check it one time. Should you ever need a transfusion, transplant or donate blood, your blood type will be checked automatically to ensure safety. Blood banks are in need of all blood types, common and rare.