Site Leader FAQs

Why should I coordinate a 365 Health Fair in my community?

365 Health Fair is Colorado’s largest and most trusted non-profit health fair program whose sole mission is to advance health awareness and provide people with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own health. Coordinating a 365 Health Fair in your community not only allows you to be a part of this important Colorado tradition, but it also allows for everyone in your community to impact each other’s health and wellness. For more information on hosting a 365 Health Fair, call (303) 698-4455 and ask for the Director of Business Development.

What is the job of 365 Health Fair Site Coordinator?

365 Health Fair Site Coordinators act as 365 Health Fair ambassadors in their community. They are expected to uphold 365 Health Fair’s quality program while engaging as many people as possible from their community to volunteer and participate in 365 Health Fair. This also includes recruiting a 365 Health Fair site leadership team. The Site Coordinator serves as the liaison between 365 Health Fair and site volunteers.

What kind of help do I need from the community to host a successful 365 Health Fair?

To host a successful 365 Health Fair, you need plenty of volunteer support from your entire community. This includes medical support, especially from volunteers who are able to draw blood (phlebotomists). Also, you will a need a facility that can host a large number of people and someone who can help publicize the fair throughout your entire community. Encouraging the leaders of your community (Mayor, Chamber of Commerce, City Council, Public Health representatives, etc.) to support and participate in your 365 Health Fair will improve your volunteer and participant turnout for your fair.

Where do I find volunteers in my community?

The best place to identify 365 Health Fair volunteers is with your family and friends. The Lions Club, Rotary Club, Optimist Club, schools, universities and churches are great resources for non-medical volunteers. Medical volunteers can be found at hospitals, doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, nursing or dental schools, ambulance companies, fire departments and more. 365 Health Fair will also help support your volunteer recruitment. Volunteers that sign up for your site through the website will be forwarded on to you on a weekly basis and 365 Health Fair leadership will be in touch with you to help support your volunteer needs.

Are there specific criteria I should keep in mind while identifying my 365 Health Fair site?

Yes. When looking for your specific site, keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Non-Carpeted Area for Blood Draw
  • Safe/Adequate Lighting
  • Adequate/Appropriate Space
  • Safe Physical Floor Plan
  • Facility Support/Cooperation
  • Adequate Parking
  • Sufficient Number of Tables/Chairs
  • Public Restrooms
  • Handicapped Accommodations

Are there certain locations that make the best 365 Health Fair sites?

No. We have found that a fair can be a success in everything from barns to schools to hospitals. Part of our application process involves a site visit by a staff member or veteran volunteer to ensure adequate space and safety. 365 Health Fair will do everything we can to make sure that your fair succeeds and is beneficial to your community.

Who can I contact if I need help recruiting volunteers in my community?

If you need help recruiting, please contact our Volunteer Engagement Department at (303) 698-4455.