While we are no longer accepting participants at this time into the ePrevent program, please check back for other free and low-cost programs we’ll soon be offering to support you on your health journey


ePrevent Diabetes is Proven to Reverse or Prevent Prediabetes

For less than $4 a week, the 365 Health ePrevent Diabetes Program puts the power of technology and the support of a lifestyle coach in the palm of your hand. ePrevent walks you through a 26 week, evidenced-based diabetes prevention curriculum created and endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This program is proven to work – over 60% of people lost 5-7% of their body weight.

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Risks and Costs of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

  • If prediabetes turns into type 2 diabetes, you can expect to spend quite a bit of money managing the disease. Prescription medicines to lower blood sugar can cost as much as $300 a month.
  • Then there are the other diseases you’re at risk for developing, such as: hypoglycemia, kidney disease, mental health issues, and glaucoma, just to name a few
  • Just like our 365 Health Fair screenings, these programs utilize volunteers and community support to be able to offer them at below-market prices
ePrevent Diabetes Weight Watchers Jenny Craig Noom
$3.83/week $12.69/week $5.32/week $15/week

Effective Lifestyle Change and Diabetes Prevention

  • ePrevent costs less than that weekly latte habit, and you will have the personal support of your own lifestyle coach
  • ePrevent works with you to make better food choices, … encourages daily activity, and promotes healthy ways to cope with life’s inevitable problems and stress

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Why You Should Choose ePrevent Diabetes for Support

  • This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention endorsed program helps you make small sustainable changes that really work! ePrevent is a supportive year-long program with 26 weeks of structured learning.
  • Every day, you will get practical and personalized tips that fit into your busy life. Throughout the program, you will complete short assignments and will be challenged to incorporate those small changes you learn into your life.

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What ePrevent Diabetes Can Do for You

With the smartphone digital tool, you can use the program when it is convenient for your schedule no matter where you are. Your trained lifestyle coach will help you monitor your activity, nutrition, hydration, sleep and mood. You will get daily motivational messages to keep you inspired and your coach is always just a chat message away if you need them! The digital tool makes capturing your progress easy and fun. It even integrates with Garmin and Fitbit fitness trackers!

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What ePrevent Offers

  • Support of a Lifestyle Coach: Reach your goals through the help of your lifestyle coach.
    Tips and Reminders to Keep You on Track: Receive messages specifically for you.
    Personalized Health & Wellness Goals: Learn how you can lose weight, eat better or get better sleep.
  • Health Education Delivered to You: 26 weeks of classes provide a solid foundation to make lasting lifestyle changes.
    Data Tracking: See your food, mood, activity, weight, and sleep patterns in order to make little changes that make a big difference.
    Secure Platform: We keep your health information private and secure.