Why you should start the year with a Blood Chemistry Screening

Seven months after their father died from a heart attack Mickie came to a 365 Health Fair. 

“My blood screening results indicated that my cholesterol levels were high,” says Mickie. “I went to the doctor who referred me to a cardiologist.” There, doctors found a partial blockage in an artery. “Since then, I have made important life changes,” says Mickie, who now regularly attends 365 Health Fair every year.

“I believe 365 Health Fair helped save my life and prevented me from suffering a heart attack like my father,” says Mickie.

What Our Blood Chemistry Screening Tests

There is a special benefit when you get a blood chemistry screening through 365 Health verses at your doctor’s office. While your doctor might test for a few different things, our test measures 28 different levels in your blood. It’s a great way to get a solid snapshot of your overall health. It measures all your major systems- including heart, kidneys, and liver health.

Plus, you don’t have to deal with copays, surprise fees, or confusing results!

Why You Should Consider Getting It Every Year

As Mickie pointed out, the blood chemistry screening prevented a potential heart attack. 

A lot can change in a year, which is why getting this quality test is an important one to consider getting each year. Sometimes, a subtle change can alert your doctor to an issue before you have symptoms. Early detection is your best chance to head off major health issues. Even if you’re young, this test is good for knowing your baseline levels.

Another factor is family history. For example, do any of your family members have heart disease? Diabetes? Or any other hereditary health issue? If so, you want to be on top of your health and track your results.

Many of us start the New Year off with health-related resolutions. But no matter yours, getting a Blood Chemistry Screening is a great way to start the year and help motivate you to better health or maintain the good health practices you already have.

How To Get a Blood Chemistry Screening

Another great reason to get a Blood Chemistry Screening through 365 Health is that you don’t need your doctor’s referral or insurance.

There are two ways for you to go about getting your screening.

  1. Attend a 365 Health Fair. Our 2022 Spring Health Fair season is just around the corner. As soon as all the dates are set we’ll update our website and you can find a fair in your community.
  2. Visit your local Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center.365 Health and Quest Diagnostics have partnered up so that you can get your screening anytime that works for you, not just during the health fair season.