What Your Donations Help Us Do

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Health Fairs Have Sprung Across the State!
Our Health Fair season kicked off earlier this month! Most are happening in April and May. You can see all locations on our website.

Health Fairs provide communities across the state with critical screenings, immunizations, the chance to talk with a doctor, and additional preventive health services based on what is requested in a specific community. 

Your donations truly make Health Fairs possible by helping 365 Health: 
  • Offer no-cost and reduced-cost services so cost is never a barrier
  • Ensure Health Fairs are targeted to underserved communities and communities of color
  • Coordinate thousands of volunteers each year (meaning more of your donations go directly to providing preventive health services to those in need!) and strengthen our recruitment of diverse, multilingual volunteers
  • Provide local community site leaders with logistical expertise and support
  • Establish partnerships to offer critical services like colon cancer and Radon screenings, provided in partnership with CU Cancer Center
  • And so much more!
Help us make this Health Fair season the best one yet by making a gift today to 365 Health. A donation of $100 covers the cost of two blood chemistry screenings, which can help someone identify a serious health issue early.
Hear about the impact of Health Fairs from our Volunteer Engagement Manager, Kristin Richmann, and Gwendolyn M. Mami, a longtime volunteer at our Zion Senior Center Health Fair.
Kristin and Gwendolyn went on Colorado and Company to discuss our Spring Fair Season. Check it out here.

It takes staff, volunteers, and donors to bring our Health Fairs to life! One incredible partner is the National Guard, who helped to deliver medical and other supplies to Health Fairs in communities all across the state. Here they are at our office earlier this month.

How Trust-Based Partnerships Expand Health Equity
The COVID-19 pandemic revealed and reinforced many inequitable gaps in our health care system. How organizations like 365 Health have responded can be a model for how to overcome these systemic barriers and reduce inequitable health outcomes. 
At the core of our equity-based approach is trust. We believe that by consistently showing up in communities – especially those traditionally marginalized in the health care system like communities of color – we can build trusting partnerships that have a long-term positive impact on the health of individuals, families, and communities. 
Elizabeth Munoz, 365 Health’s Program Manager for our partnership with the CDC Health Equity Alliance shares: “Trust-building has been foundational to our impact, but it takes time and consistency. Sometimes we have to show up to 10 meetings before we are trusted. But then communities see our commitment and collaborative approach, the resulting impact, and invite us back. We’re already setting up programming into 2024 because our partners see the long-term impact we can have together!” 
Through trust building the difference we make collectively can grow exponentially. What might start as a partnership for a vaccine clinic can evolve as trust builds to be more comprehensive and include a health fair with preventive health screenings, community-requested educational resources, year-round telehealth access, and more.

As a result of these efforts, we have built strong partnerships across a range of communities to increase equitable access to vaccines and 365 Health’s preventive health services. Current partnerships include: Aurora Community Connection Family Resource Center, Adams County Schools District 14, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the City of Thornton, the Guatemalan Council, Adams, Arapahoe and Larimer County Public Health and more!
We had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Anna Blakney, a vaccine researcher who worked on the creation of the COVID-19 vaccine. Her sister, Lauren King, is our Health and Wellness Lead and we loved talking with them about the lifecycle of a vaccine – from production to administration.
Our Director of Digital Programs, Amy Friel, recently penned an article about the health care options available to uninsured Coloradans, how the status quo options often fall flat, and how the services of 365 Health provides an effective option for affordable, accessible care.
Health in Hand Snapshot of Impact
One woman who was able to sign up at no cost for Health in Hand said this will be the first time in her 20+ years of being in the US that she can talk with a doctor in her language. This access will now help her avoid misdiagnosis due to communication barriers and find comfortability with medical care and better health.
Help Change the Preventive Health Landscape in Colorado.
Our services are offered year-round, which means consistent, monthly giving is the best way to help us plan, reach more people, and ensure folks across the state can take care of their health at any time. By pitching in what you can – whether that’s $5, $10, or $100 a month – you help make statewide collective impact possible.