What do women really want — from telehealth?

Guest Blog from CirrusMD

Results of a new study on “Women and Telehealth” were recently released, and findings show that 89% of women rate telehealth as better or comparable to their in-person care. 

More than 1,000 women shared their perceptions and preferences regarding telehealth. One of the main study objectives was to learn how respondents want to use telehealth for women’s health issues, such as birth control, urinary tract infections, and irregular bleeding.

A Bit About the Study

The study was commissioned by Denver-based telemedicine leader CirrusMD, and conducted by a healthcare market research firm. A 19 question survey was designed to uncover how women perceive telehealth, how they are currently using it and in what circumstances they find it most helpful. 

Study participants: Identified as female, were between 18 and 65 years of age, and had at least one telehealth visit in the past 18 months.

To capture a wide range of perspective, participants were recruited nationally across various geographies, ages, income ranges, and education levels.

What Did We Learn?

Results of the survey revealed:

  1. 89% of women utilizing telehealth believe it to be comparable to or better than in-person care.
  2. Over 62% of respondents said they would be less likely to delay care if they had access to on-demand text messaging with a medical provider.
  3. 80% of women would consider using a telehealth service in between OB-GYN appointments.
  4. Convenience and the ad-hoc nature of texting are the top reasons women would prefer chat to conduct a telehealth consultation. 

CirrusMD Chief Clinical Quality & Innovation Office, Dr. Donna Baldwin, added that “Women account for 66% of the telehealth encounters on the CirrusMD Provider Network. The insights from this study will help inform how we tailor our telehealth delivery to address healthcare needs that are important to women.” 

Check out the study results: https://www.cirrusmd.com/womens-health-study.

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