Understanding Medicare Advantage and Open Enrollment

Many older Americans have been led to believe that open enrollment in Medicare only occurs once a year, but there are actually a number of enrollment periods for joining Medicare insurance plans.

For example, from January 1 through March 31, enrollees in Medicare Advantage can switch to another plan. During this time, you decide whether to change your plan or stick with what you have. Let’s explore your options during this time so that you can make a decision for better health and financial wellness.

Should I keep my Medicare Advantage plan?

Some of the factors that will influence the decision to change or keep your plan you choose include:

  • The cost of the plan and what it covers
  • Whether you might lose employer or union coverage
  • How well the plan addresses any chronic condition you might have

You may also want to know if a new plan will allow you to keep your current doctor(s) or if you are fine with changing doctors.

Watch a Well Advised online session about Medicare Advantage open enrollment

During a recent Well Advised online event on Medicare Advantage, Dr. Robert Morris addressed many of these issues in detail. Dr. Morris explains Medicare Advantage open enrollment so that you understand its purpose, what you can do during this time, and who qualifies to make changes. He also looks at important topics like:

  • Prioritizing your clinical and financial needs. Do you have access to doctors and hospitals you trust? Are you prescription drugs covered? What do you out-of-pocket costs look like.
  • Choosing the right plan. Steps you can take to review your review your current Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Understanding healthcare networks. Medicare Advantage plans are Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans. You’ll understand how these plans operate and affect the choices available to you.
  • Medicare Advantage’s star rating system. Discover how and when you can switch to higher-rated plans, including those rated four and five stars.
  • Prescription drug coverage. Most Medicare Advantage plans include cover prescription drugs, so you don’t need to purchase separate insurance.

By the end of this brief seminar, you’ll understand the changes you can make during open enrollment for Medicare Advantage. You’ll also understand the different Medicare enrollment periods throughout the year.

Because we are in the middle of open enrollment for Medicare Advantage, now is the perfect time to spend a few minutes getting the kind of information and guidance that can help you take control of your health and well-being. Access “Understanding Medicare Advantage and Open Enrollment.” >

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