The Most Recent Exercise Trend: Walking

Want to exercise but don’t want to feel exhausted afterwards? Consider going outside to walk. Need a mental reset after a tough day of work? Go take a walk during your lunch break. Walking is a great way to help your brain and body become healthier. It might not be as intense as other workouts, but even getting outside for 30 minutes a day will show positive results. No matter what, walking is a healthy exercise to get your body moving and for your brain to refresh.

Walking can help reduce stressors and anxieties. More consistent sleep, a positive impact on your memory, and boosts of confidence are just a few reasons why walking is great for your mental health. Walking produces “feel good chemicals”, also known as endorphins, within your brain. There have been many studies to understand how exercise affects your brain and the results show there is a strong “relationship between exercise and moods”. Any exercise that bumps your heart rate up has been found to help your brain calm down and relax.

Physically, walking is one of the better exercises for your body because of its minimal impact on your muscles and bones. Additionally walking regularly can improve balance or strengthen your immune system.

A short 30-minute walk can fit into almost everyone’s daily routine, anytime and (usually) anywhere! Because walking has been the biggest exercise trends in 2022 (#hotgirlwalks), there are many walking challenges that have been created to keep you motivated. For example, go on a nature trail walk or end your walk by doing lunges and squats. Or try out walking in intervals, adding weights, and walking inclines. No matter what, you’re working towards a healthier version of yourself by going for a short walk. 

Now go find that playlist of pump-up music or your favorite true crime podcast to make your walk even better!