Here’s why YOU should attend a Health Fair

Our Health Fairs are back for another spring season! With 40 locations across the state of Colorado for you to choose from, there’s bound to be one near you! Find a location HERE.

“Preventive health care is essential for maintaining good health, disease and illness prevention, and early detection and diagnosis when treatment is easier and more effective,” said Gary Drews, CEO of 365 Health. He goes on to say, “Our community-based health fairs and the free and affordable health screenings that are available are a necessary resource not only for Coloradans who lack access to preventive health care, but also those who have high deductible insurance plans or no insurance at all.”

Here are 10 reasons to attend a Health Fair:

1) FREE health screenings for you and your family. The free health screenings vary by health fair location but can include blood pressure, diabetes risk assessment, mental health screenings, height/weight/bmi, vision, hearing, and more!

2) Affordable lab work for adults – no insurance required. Choose the screenings that make sense for you from our list of over 10 preventive health screenings. Not sure where to start? Our affordable Blood Chemistry screening (just $45!) tests for 28 measures of your health, including heart health, cholesterol, kidney, and liver function, and more!

3) FREE COVID-19 vaccinations. It’s not too late to get vaccinated or boosted. Many of our Health Fairs will have an area for you to get up-to-date on your vaccines. Find those locations HERE.

4) Learn about an affordable telehealth option – Health in Hand. Don’t you wish you had a doctor at your fingertips? Now you can! Health in Hand offers unlimited access to a doctor via text-first telehealth for only $80 a year. No extra fees or copays or appointments.

5) Find health resources in your community. At a Health Fair you will find booths set up for health-related businesses or organizations in your area. See what resources are available to you in your neighborhood!

6) Talk to a medical professional one-on-one. Have health-related question but don’t want to go to a doctor’s office to ask? Ask away at one of our health fairs! Our medical volunteers are happy to answer your questions, even giving you a referral if needed.

7) Find other health-conscious individuals in your community. Want to take steps for a healthier future, but don’t want to do it alone? Find other individuals in your community who want the same!

8) Potentially get a FREE Colon Cancer Screening Kit thanks to CU Cancer Center. The CU Cancer Center is supplying Colon Cancer kits at all of our Health Fairs, and available for FREE to those who qualify. Free for select community members: uninsured, under-insured, minority groups, and those experiencing colon cancer symptoms.

9) Prevention health is KEY! Find out what’s happening in your body and how to take steps for a healthier you. Many diseases don’t show any signs or symptoms, meaning you might be at risk for a disease and not even know it.

10) Potentially save your life. We hear this every year – “the Health Fair saved my life”. Most people don’t think about their health until something happens that attracts their attention. We take for granted the ability to care for ourselves and our families, the ability to breathe, eat, walk and do so many other things we enjoy. We are able to do all of those activities because our health allows it. When your health is compromised, health comes into focus. But why wait until there is an issue before you make health a priority? The time to act is now! Get screened and learn how to become your healthiest you.

365 Health strives to advance health awareness in Colorado, providing people with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own health. We do this through community Health Fairs, affordable health screenings, Health in Hand (our telehealth service), vaccination clinics, digital health tools, and much more! Learn more about what we do HERE.