Health in Hand is Helping Students

By Hannah Hamill

As a graduate student pursuing a Master of Public Health, life is busy with a full-time class load, work, an internship, and all other life responsibilities. Making time for a doctor’s visit is not my top priority. Googling sometimes does the trick, but doesn’t always give me the information I need, and determining which answers are reliable can be hard.  

Recently, I began having headaches, pressure behind my left eye, and eye twitches. These symptoms bothered me enough to feel like I needed to talk to someone about it. I recently signed up for Health in Hand from 365 Health and wanted to try the text-first, on demand telehealth before making an in-person appointment.  

I started the conversation by just texting “hello” and was surprised that within seconds I was connected to Dr. Migdalia Garcia, a board-certified emergency physician. I told her about the discomfort I was feeling behind my eye, and the headaches that I had been dealing with. After a series of questions, Dr. Garcia determined that stress and eye fatigue were causing my symptoms. She offered me several solutions such as modifications to some of my current habits like reducing my caffeine intake, drinking more water, and getting more sleep.  

Once the 15-minute text conversation ended, I received a visit note, which included the assessment and the plan of action that I can easily share with my regular doctor. 

This text-first, on demand service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. I didn’t have to pay a fee to ask the physician my questions about my symptoms, and I did the whole conversation from my couch. As a graduate student, Health in Hand is a great resource to help me take care of my health, without having to worry about cost or making time in my day for an appointment. Now that I know how easy the service is to use and how helpful the physicians are, I feel relieved to know I have access to this service whenever I have questions about my health.