Health Fairs Are Back!

At 50 years of age and feeling healthy, Brad was convinced by his wife to attend a 365 Health Fair because it is an easy, convenient, affordable way to get blood work done. 

For their first Health Fair experience from 365 Health, Brad decided to get a Prostate Specific Antigen screening and a colon cancer screening kit due to his age and the health concerns that come up with older age. Later, Brad’s results showed high PSA readings and he received a call from a 365 Health nurse who recommended he see his primary care physician. After seeing his primary doctor, he was then referred to a urologist to get further blood work. After receiving results from the Health Fair and his urologist, doctors determined that he was suffering from prostate cancer. 

Brad had surgery to remove the cancer in his prostate shortly after and now Brad is now cancer-free and will continue to have regular check-ups to monitor his health. He thanks 365 Health for offering this all-inclusive Blood Chemistry Screening that was able to easily uncover a serious health issue. The Blood Chemistry Screening gave his doctors all the information they needed to order the appropriate follow-up tests. 

Brad now tells all his friends to go get their blood checked at a Health Fair from 365 Health.

He says you never know how you’re really doing. “I am alive today because of 365 Health, I am sure to this day, I would not have gone into the doctor for something when I felt no symptoms”.  

Now is the perfect time to register for a Health Fair and find out what you might be at risk of. The time to get your screenings completed is now!   Find a fair near you – where you’ll get the information you need to live a healthy life!