365 Health Clinical Advisory Board

The Clinical Advisory Board (CAB), exclusive to the 365 Health, is comprised of Colorado’s top healthcare professionals. These notable and experienced individuals provide high-quality and evidence-based health screenings to our Greater Colorado community. The implementation of CAB contributed to 365 Health Fair’s endorsements from the Colorado Medical Society, the Colorado Nurses Association and the Colorado Health and Hospital Association.

Clinical Advisory Board Mission:

  • Advise and support the development of 9Health’s Clinical Services Strategies
  • Address Colorado individual and population-based health trends and needs
  • Identify relevant and timely topics of population health education
  • Evaluate and recommend traditional and modern ways of preventive care delivery
  • Assist with the recruitment of a Medical Volunteer Corps to support 365 Health activities

The CAB is responsible for creating, reviewing and approving all medical screening protocols and interactive educational center requests. Through quarterly evaluation and follow-up of statistical data and screenings results, the CAB ensures all health screenings meet our strict criteria.

Our screening protocols comply with these stringent criteria and undergo periodic evaluation to ensure practical implementation: they must promote good health and health education of Coloradans, they cannot exist in a vacuum and they must be woven into the fabric of healthcare systems throughout Colorado. The CAB works diligently to involve healthcare providers to ensure quality screenings and follow-up are provided to participants.

Members of CAB

Thomas Suby-Long, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer, Imidex Corporation

Andi Pusavat, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor & Training Clinic Director, University of Denver Counseling Psychology

Margaret Eagan, MD

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Specialist; Lifestyle Medicine; Virta Health Consultant; Medical Writer

Dianne McCallister, MD

Senior Executive Physician Lead and Owner of Diagnosis:Well

Comilla Sasson, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, University of Colorado Medicine; CEO and Chief Medical Officer CO2 Check

Mark Olson, MD

Physician, Limon Family Practice Clinic

Donna Baldwin, DO

Chief Quality Officer and Speciality Medical Director at CirrusMD Inc.

Adriana Zuniga, DDS

General Dentist at Denver Indian Health & Family Services

Angela Kloepfer-Shapiro, MD

Regional Medical Executive at Cigna Medicare Advantage

365 Health Fair Medical Advisory Committee