About 365 Health

Our mission: 365 Health advances health awareness, providing people with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own health.

In the late 1970’s John F. Brensike, a physician conducting heart disease research at the National Institutes of Health, became involved in cholesterol screenings.  As he traveled the country, he observed a high level of interest from communities to provide screening services.  However, he noted that few screenings were available and the quality varied. But more importantly, he noted that there was no mechanism to provide health education and medical follow-up to the community. It occurred to Dr. Brensike that a more coordinated and convenient approach was needed to bring comprehensive screenings and education to the public.

For over 40 years, 9Health Fair (now 365 Health) has provided vital preventive health screenings to millions of Coloradans who are underserved, and/or who have an active interest in their health. Through our thousands of Health Fairs across the state, we have saved thousands of lives and remain one of the largest volunteer-driven, nonprofit health, wellness, and prevention efforts in the nation.

In 2022, we find that access to preventive health resources has become out of reach for over one million underserved Coloradans. With health equity as an organizational core value, shifting our attention to serving all has become a mission imperative. And, because our health happens all day, every day 9Health Fair became 365 Health.

Today 365 Health provides convenient, accessible, equitable, and affordable (and in some cases free) preventive health solutions and bridges the health care gaps for underserved and health-conscious Coloradans. We do this through:

Health Fairs

Through crucial community partnerships and a network of more than 16,000 dedicated volunteers, 365 Health’s community health fairs deliver free and affordable health screenings, prevention tips, and educational programs across Colorado.

Health Screenings through Quest Diagnostics

For those unable to attend a community health fair, 365 Health and Quest Diagnostics have partnered to offer the same affordable preventive health screenings at more than 30 Quest Diagnostics Lab Patient Service Centers throughout Colorado.

Health in Hand

Health in Hand is a resource for individuals to reduce out-of-pocket costs and control of their health for just $99 a year. This health care option includes text-first, on demand telehealth with unlimited access to a doctor, a blood screening that provides 28 essential measures of your health, and health education at your fingertips.

Vaccination Clinics

365 Health helps deliver flu and COVID-19 vaccines in partnership with Safeway pharmacies and the CDPHE to vulnerable and underserved communities across Colorado.

Digital Health Tools

365 Health offers free online health assessments, information, videos, and tools to help individuals understand their health risks, navigate the health care system and find local health resources to address their health care needs.